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Icebreaker Radio Show con NorthPole

NorthPole pres. Icebreaker 105 (06-01-2015)

01.- Dennis Sheperd feat Chloe Langley – Bring You Home (Steve Brian Remix) [A Tribute To Life]
02.- Breame and Jack Vath – Arancini (Light Mix) [Monster Pure]
03.- Audiocells – Touching Of Stars (Original Mix) [Cloudland Music]
04.- O.P. – Magnificum (Original Mix) [Ternary]
05.- Marc Simz – Submarine (Original Mix) [Above All]
06.- Colonial One feat. Eva Kade – Where you Are (Original Mix) [Go On Air]
07.- Farhad Mahdavi – Blue Rose (Original Mix) [Abora]
08.- Nitrous Oxide and Neev Kennedy – Let your Heart Beat Home (Lence and Pluton Remix) [Amsterdasm Trance]
09.- Max Denoise & Harnam – Entropia (Astuni Re-Lift) [D.MAX]
10.- Michael Badal and Shanokee – Blue Skies (Temple One Remix) [Black Hole]
11.- illitheas & Mhammed El Alami & Johannes Fischer – New Rise (Original Mix) [Abora Skies]
12.- Alexey Ryasnyansky & Flatlex – Sunrise (Emotion Mix) [TFB Records]
13.- Wright & Davids Feat. Danny Claire – Everything (Vitaly Otto Remix) [Yaveric]
14.- A&S – Memories (Kanski Remix) [Beyond the Stars]
15.- Phill Dinner – Borubudur (Six Senses remix) [TFB Records]
16.- Dreamy – Then There Was (Phil Parry Remix) [Together Recordings]
17.- Nikolauss – Callisto (Hypaethrame Remix) [Trancer Recordings]
18.- Giuseppe Ottaviani – Liverpool (Standerwick Remix) [Black Hole]
19.- Ikerya Project – Consciousness (Ciro Visone Remix) [Red Zone]
20.- Ian van Dahl – Try (Onova feat. Alphazone Bootleg remix) [CD-R]
21.- Omega Drive – Sound of(Original Mix) [Discover Dark]
22.- Omega Drive – You See (Original Mix) [Discover Dark]

NorthPole pres. Icebreaker EOYC Part 1 (30-12-2014)

01.- FloE – Into the Sunrise (Denis Sender remix) [TFB Records]
02.- Shogun feat. Adara – Dragon (Original Mix) [Armind]
03.- Super8 and Tab feat. Julie Thompson – No Frontiers (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]
04.- Susana and Hazem Beltagui – Silent for so Long (Original Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]
05.- Solarstone – 4ever (Pure Retouch) [Pure Trance]
06.- Artra and Holland feat. Kheda – Warm Rain (Ellez Ria pres. Arkam Remix) [Rave Up]
07.- Hazem Beltagui & Aneym – Remember Me (Club Mix) [Armind]
08.- Tarmo Tammel – Playa del Sol (Kaimo K Remix) [Digital Society Recordings]
09.- Driftmoon – Luminance (Uplifting Mix) [Touchstone Recordings]
10.- Six Senses – Amlia (Original Mix) [Silent Shore]
11.- Dim Line – Interstellar (Mike Sanders Remix) [TFB Records]
12.- Kenneth Thomas feat Molly Bancroft – Hiding (Orbion Emotional Remix) [Alter Ego]
13.- TrancEye – On The Edge (C-Project Remix) [TFB Records]
14.- Giuseppe Ottaviani feat Alana Aldea – Heal this Empty Heart (John O’Callaghan Remix) [Black Hole]
15.- Another World – Holding The Sun (O.B.M Notion Remix) [Synchronized Music]
16.- James Kelly – The Life (Original Mix) [Above All Records]
17.- Arthur Volt – Nostalgia (Simple Art & Pluton Remix) [TFB Records]
18.- Phil Dinner – Talk To Me (The Cloudy Day Vocal Remix) [Beyond the Stars]
19.- Angel Ace – Aura (Astuni Re-Lift) [Entrance Music]
20.- The Cloudy Day – Sunshine (Locus Tech Remix) [Gent Trance Division]
21.- Mark Sherry & Dr Willis – Here Come the Drums (Sean Tyas Remix) [Outburst]
22.- Kinetica & James Bowie – Freddies Revenge (Original Mix) [Discover Dark]
23.- Sean Tyas – Rulebook (Johann Stone Remix) [Discover Dark]
24.- Matt Bowdidge – Sinister (Indecent Noise Hard Mix) [Mental Asylum]

NorthPole pres. Icebreaker 104 (23-12-2014)

01.- Fisical Project – One Day (Enviro Remix) [TFB Records]
02.- Tom8 – Drop (Original Mix) [Discover Deep]
03.- Johann Stone – Exodus (Stone Cold Original Edit) [Abstractive Music]
04.- Paul Oakenfold feat Tiff Lacey – Hypnotized (Markus Schulz Remix) [Perfecto Records]
05.- Hristian Hristov – The Beginning (Original Mix) [Blue Soho]
06.- Britney Spears – Till the World Ends (Thomas Datt Bootleg) [Discover Records]
07.- Make One – Dark Planet (Original Mix) [Platform Music]
08.- Dart Rayne and Yura Moonlight – Step Towards the Within (Tribal Mix) [Amsterdam Trance]
09.- UDM & Raminio – Arcadia (Original Mix) [Extrema Global Music]
10.- Stuart Millar – Make Believe (Original Mix) [Discover Digital]
11.- O.B.M Notion & Mhammed El Alami – Sunlight Touch (Original Mix) [Trance All-Stars]
12.- TrancEye – Unloved 2014 (C-Project Remix) [Defcon]
13.- Binary Finary feat Chris Arnott – Symphony Of Mystery (Harmonic Rush Dub Mix) [Critical Fusion]
14.- Harry & Stone Ft Merc – Rising High (Original Mix) [D.MAX]
15.- Dima Borisenko – If i Stay (Flatlex remix) [TFB Records]
16.- Addliss – Bryce Canyon (Tycoos Remix) [Condura]
17.- Ico – Days Gone By (Original Mix) [Gent Trance Division]
18.- Andy Elliass & ARCZI – Look At The Beautiful World (A&Z Remix) [Beyond the Stars]
19.- Dj Impossible – Empty Space (Original Mix) [TFB Records]
20.- Second Sine – The Harde they Drop (James Dymond Temix) [Critical Overload]
21.- Aly and Fila Vs Sneijder – Full Throttle (extended Mix) [FSOE]

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